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He also only drinks on occasion, or when chosen by the player. As you read this, you are thinking, of course this kid thinks this game is all right, hes a kid. If a player shoots an rpg at a cop car then there will be a violent battle. All the nude parts are covered. One of the best games of all time. Violence, profanity and sexual situatuions are just about non-stop and the protagonist, while he might initially be relustant to get back into crime, goes all out once he does.

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You can drive while drunk too.

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Parent reviews for Grand Theft Auto IV

We should not hide this from our young children. Its very graphic such as you can jump on elderly people to kill them. I am an educator, and saw this game as an chance to show my children what is right and wrong, and the thing is, all of the kids can already tell what is right from wrong, unless they have god-awful parents. None of it is visual and its fine. The Good Role Model: Based on reviews.

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grand theft auto iv nudity
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grand theft auto iv nudity
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