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Some of Sydney's most talented DJs play progressive music in this intimate space. But Mardi Gras is more than the parade held in early March. Be prepared to put up with some anti-social behaviour: About Us Help Centre. The digital and in-person votes have now been counted and verified.

Oxford St Darlinghurst a.

Sydney: Gay & Lesbian Travellers

Hopefully the message will be absorbed, so that acceptance is their daily experience. If partying and nightlife are high on the agenda, look for accommodation close to Oxford St. Unfortunately, it was just one big party and couldn't really see the parade - not sure many people cared Did you attend any of the subsequent marches and rallies in June, July and August ? The people are friendly and the crowds at the Parade are well behaved. The Grace Hotel Sydney. It has become a celebration of individuality, expression and unity, not only within the gay and lesbian community, but also the wider community as a whole.

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