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Souichi hadn't even realized that he had been acting so poorly towards his kouhai. His rage was like an electric current down the belt. I want to trade places with Jenna so bad! He was going to fuck her little cunt until it was sore. He grunted loudly as he slapped her ass using the sting of his hand to hold himself off a bit longer.

The professor rubbed a bit harder, then started to squeeze and pinch her sensitive nipples.

Spank Me, Daddy

He unwrapped the belt from the chair and lifted Jenna to the table. Never miss a story from MyErotica. Jared had never heard her this loud before and his anger became more apparent with each cry. As the professor began to fuck her from behind, Jared rubbed his aching cock in his jeans. I'm glad I could bring the heat for you, Babe! The intoxicating mixture of rage and lust boiled within him.

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