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Pain in the ass? A new history of Zap Comix celebrates how the lascivious, tongue-in-cheek cartoons revolted against conservative Cold War-era mores," The Atlantic Nov. Clay drawings, letters etc. The definition of pornography in California is that it has to be of prurient interest and no one on the jury would admit to being aroused by Snatch Comics. His first one-pager on "side one" is "Come Fix," in which Bernice cooks up some fresh cum so Lulu can inject it like heroin or speed, which causes her to sprout a whopping crank.

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Drawings in Last Gasp show at Minna.

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Drawings in Last Gasp show at Minna. Ah well, water under the bridge. Which means it's back to the precision calipers and micrometers to authenticate the 1st printing. But trouble is afoot when Captain Fatima and her dyke pirates attack Pissgums' ship with cannonballs and attempt to sieze control. Seattle, Washington, October, The cry is taken up by all the men and then also by all the women. Both front covers are pretty great, but Griffin's cover was especially dazzling, featuring a gleaming winged beetle standing at the base of stairwell in a subterranean tunnel littered with skulls and barbarous eyeball creatures.

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  1. not La Rue...just Pizneaches dawg. Did like two scenes in the early 2000s. Got some photos online that aren't hard to find.