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The pictures were of a naked mole rat, modified with the "blood horn". How many more of the articles were April Fools' jokes? She grabbed its wings and pulled. We had contacted the California Academy of Sciences in hopes of eliciting their cooperation on donating some of the weaker members from their penguin exhibit, but they were cool on the subject, to say the least. I am a fourth-generation descendant of the great Philippe Poisson, mentioned in your April issue. The blood in the grail turned out to be type O- making Jesus the universal donor. Flex your cortex with Discover.

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But the penguin wasn't the only thing she hauled from the slush.

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Hotheaded Naked Ice Borer

The ice weasels will come for you too. I was dumbfounded, amazed, and wasn't until the next issue when they revealed the hoax able to contain my excitement and stop telling my friends about the "scourge of Antarctica". Over the next few months Pazzo caught several of the animals and watched others in the wild. Pazzo, a wildlife biologist, was in Antarctica studying penguins at a remote, poorly explored area along the coast of the Ross Sea. By Tim Folger Tuesday, April 01, A small mammal, in Antarctica, capable of melting ice, and eating not only penguins, but humans???!!!!

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the hotheaded naked ice borer

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