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She got her confidence, and her voice back. My wonderful mother in law always used her hand with me across her knee which was more than once and soooo lovely laying there at her mercy. Discover quality Relevant other. Sue hopefully is now relishing the fact that she has the power to discipline David or at least get him punished when ever she feels like it. I calmly said, "Janey, come here, NOW. I hesitated for just a second before I continued to slowly yank her shorts down.

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I was a small kid and hung like a parakeet but at 14 I started to reach puberty and was embarrassed at having my grandmother see me naked and vulnerable. He must be flexible to be able to do that. Another excellant, well written and Of course, just like you and David, we are all kind of newbies to this thing. If you are smart you will just stand there quietly while your sister gets what she deserves. After twelve of the very best, she pauses, rubs my bottom which is now wet, from the water in the cane.

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