Microwave depth of penetration

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In contrast to these, Figure 7 shows a case where moderate frequency of radio wave is irradiated to the permanet dipole. Then, the unadjustable reflected power goes to the isolator to be absorbed by the dummy load in it. During the time delay, water is absorbing energy from radio wave and genarates heat. Micro Denshi's Power Monitor has been devised to show the power accurately, even when magnetron is driven by other power supply. EH-Tuner is recommended for easy adjustment. The temperature of the object only rises, not the furnace. This is why various industrial heating equipment is using ISM frequency, including microwave oven at home.

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Therefore, microwave device that uses this frequency band called ISM equipment better be designed to meet the safety limits.

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Basics of Microwave

The heated object genarates heat by absorbing microwave energy to convert it to heat energy. For examle, you can start and stop the heating instantly. And as a result, the reflected wave has been denied. Then, microwave power [ W ] absorbed by the liquid is given by Equation 2. In this case, the permanent dipole will immidiately follow the directions of electric field. Then, the permanent electric dipole will be heated by this resistance. For example in Figure 8, a borosilicate glass is sold as microwavable glass container.

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microwave depth of penetration
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microwave depth of penetration
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