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And like other women, for me, a man screaming, not attractive lol. I actually wish my man would make a little MORE noise. I don't know why guys are afraid to moan, girls love men continue to do it or try. Do girls like when guys moan? I don' t know if I helped any, I'm just going on about moaning lol btw. That sir is a yes!

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But don't moan if it isn't naturally coming out that way.

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#HeSays: 10 Reasons Guys Love It When Girls *Moan* During Sex!

Not the crazy stuff, y'know? Tell her she's sexy during sex. Suchh a big turn on. But it's just nice to hear that he is really enjoying it enough to let himself go like that. I need advice Please! It makes me feel that I know what I'm doing and it kinda gives me pride that I'm in control. What Girls Said

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girl and boy moaning
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girl and boy moaning
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