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Haha, thats what every one says, but what about some physical traits? For anyone aspiring to become a model, how hard is it to become successful? Send em over hahaha. If so, which part have you altered and why? Is it easy to make a good living in this business? Your photoshoots are pretty risque, are you considering to model nude or have you shot nudes in the past?

Describe a busy day in your life?

Stephanie Ly is One of Canada’s Finest

Send em over hahaha. There are a lot of pretty girls…you need personality to stand out. So what was your biggest accomplishment as model? The best part is getting flown everywhere!! Ah ok, yeah we know many girls are crazy about Rain. I switched because I wanted to try something different, besides I loved travelling and meeting new people. Share Share stories you like to your friends.

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