Adult female deer tick

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The small size of the deer tick is also a factor in the prevalence of Lyme disease. Life Cycle Habitat Photos. Lyme disease Relapsing fever borreliosis Baggio—Yoshinari syndrome. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. During this first meal, the larva may pick up a disease agent like the bacteria that causes Lyme disease while feeding on a small mammal, such as a white-footed mouse. Six-legged larvae emerge from these eggs and begin to search for a host. The blacklegged tick causes by far the most tickborne disease in Minnesota.

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Ixodes scapularis General Information Deer ticks, primarily found in the eastern half of the United States, are also known as blacklegged ticks, while often mistaken for brown dog ticks.

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Deer Ticks

Livestock and domestic animals can also be hosts. Guineafowlchickens, and fire ants are known predators of ticks. They possess eight legs as adults. Read more about deer tick bites. Vertical passage from mother to egg of Borrelia is uncommon. If the blacklegged tick is infected, it must be attached for hours before it transmits Lyme disease.

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adult female deer tick
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adult female deer tick
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