Spots on bottom of foot

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Plantar warts are caused by a viral skin infection that occurs on the outer layer of skin on the soles of the feet. Never attempt to drain a cyst yourself. Malignant tumors are most often removed with surgery. Regularly check yourself for possible signs of melanoma. But if you suspect melanoma, see your doctor to get a diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible.

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Learn more about what it is, why it appears, and how it's….

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Malignant Melanoma of the Foot

In some cases, the nail may crumble. Foot Health Get the Facts on Foot Ulcers Some people with certain chronic health conditions are at a greater risk of developing an ulcer on the foot. Caused by excess friction or injury, bursitis may cause a bump on the bottom of the foot. Oral medications may be prescribed instead, including: Your doctor may also suggest chemotherapy or radiation therapy. Melanoma can also occur underneath your toenails.

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spots on bottom of foot
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spots on bottom of foot
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