Large lumps on bikini line

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I'm sorry about the gross comment but it needs to go ASAP!!! It definitely isn't caused by any soap etc I would be using. Second time went to a different hospital and this doctor was clueless but said she had different techniques and didn't put packing in it!! I am also a long distance runner which means several hours of sweatyness down there. TBH - It wasnt until I got it sliced open that it disappeared and never came back It was well worth it - even if I had 5 people looking at my vay jay jay i was 17 and not that impressed.

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It has gotten very painful to walk and I can feel the pressure.

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Spot/lump in bikini area

I am planning to go to the doctor anyway, but what do you think? I really need advice. Posted 2 years ago. The area is sometimes a little itchy since I noticed the spot. A Guide to Menopause.

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large lumps on bikini line
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large lumps on bikini line
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