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If two fingers go inside a girl, is she a virgin or not? So given that an unbroken hymen isn't a reliable sign of virginity; nor is a broken hymen a reliable sign of loss of virginity, it probably doesn't matter a whole lot whether your hymen is broken! Eaten an orange, but not eaten the peel? Rather, it's a flexible fold of skin that can accommodate intercourse without tearing in most people. Is it normal to bleed a week after losing my virginity? The premise is that virginity is a state, a prize that a woman surrenders to a man. If I have engaged in oral sex multiple times am I still a virgin?

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Is it wrong for a person who is virgin to expect a virgin partner?

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Some girls will have had their hymen tear from athletics or horse-back riding, and it means nothing. There is no physical sign that a woman has had intercourse already. If you are a heterosexual penis in vagina sex is the only way to lose your virginity. Is it possible to get an orgasm while being a virgin? Especially now, people define the thing in such artificial ways that you really need to know what their agenda is in asking before you will be able to answer. Yes, it's possible, if the masturbation involves inserting fingers or objects into your vagina, rather than just focusing on your clitoris. A hymen that is not intact or missing has no bearing on virginity only PIV sex does.

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